Service and support.

We are experts on every little detail.

Here at Oscar Medtec, fast service and skilled support are an essential part of our overall offering. Our service technicians simply deal with any problems. If necessary, we bring the product back to our service department – or we can come out to you. Most issues can be resolved with a brief phone call.

We develop and manufacture all refrigerated cabinets and examination furniture ourselves, and of course one of the many advantages of this is that we are experts on every little detail. Direct contact with our customers also helps us to go on developing even smarter solutions for people working in healthcare.

Ask Oscar before you invest

We offer service and support in respect of our products, of course, but we also offer advice before you invest in medical equipment. Getting us involved early on in the process means that we can use our experience to make sure you avoid unnecessary pitfalls and incorrect decisions – after all, we know quality pays off in the long run.

Custom calibration service for pharmacies

Our refrigerated pharmacy cabinet calibration service is one example of our custom services. We offer all our pharmacy customers the opportunity to carry out straightforward reviews and function checks at regular intervals.