Sampling trolley 335

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Art No: 9-335

We develop and manufacture robust trolleys that are easy to manoeuvre and are suitable for use for goods trolleys, instrument tables and sampling trolleys. These trolleys come in a range of different sizes and can be kitted out to suit your needs. This functional, stylish design, in combination with the four 100 mm castors, makes these trolleys really easy to manoeuvre. All shelf spaces are made of stainless steel and are easy to clean. The tray is pressed into the underside of the MDF panel, making it impossible for water to penetrate into the joint.

Easy to use for efficient sampling

Robust trolley which is easy to use and manoeuvre. These qualities are a must for safe, efficient sampling. This trolley comes with a push handle on one short side and is functionally equipped with two plastic containers beneath the upper tray and a guard rail on the lower tray. The upper tray can also be equipped with a guard rail if necessary.

The design, with the stainless steel tray pressed into the underside of the MDF panel, means that the joints are completely sealed. This helps to make the trolley easy to clean, ensuring maximum hygiene. Optional extras include waste baskets and braked castors. Antistatic castors are also available.

Optional extras for this product is available here. Here.

Push handles
Two boxes are inclouded
Two stainless steel trays on two levels, the lower with railing
Four easy rolling 100 mm castors

Total height, including the handles 970 mm Height upper tray 860 mm
Total Lenght 700 mm Tray length 600 mm
Tray width 400 mm Dimensions between disks 400 mm
Castors 100 mm Maximum load per tray 25 kg

9-342 Waste baskets Waste baskets
9-338 Antistatic castors Antistatic castors
9-337 Braked castors Braked castors