Sampling chair 710

ART NO: 2-710
All our easy-to-position sampling chairs share smart functions, high quality and stylish, sleek design. This helps to provide a good work environment and make patients feel secure at major hospital laboratories and small clinics alike. The central column allows the height of the seat to be adjusted straight up and down, making it easier to work and enhancing patient safety. Custom accessories and a wide range of upholstery colours give you plenty of freedom of choice.

360° rotation function with electric brake

The 360° rotation function allows you to stay sitting while you are taking samples and quickly and easily change the patient’s position when taking samples from the other arm instead. The foot pedal is used to lock and release the seat rotation so that your hands are always free, thereby providing a more ergonomic working position. Note that the frame of the chair has no castors and rests on the floor, in the same way as a swivel chair. This makes rotation extremely smooth.

The height and backrest are controlled electrically, the headrest is adjustable and the contoured armrests are infinitely adjustable with one hand so as to facilitate sampling. The armrests and calf support move automatically when the back is adjusted, and the chair can be moved into shock position quickly and easily. The flat, round frame in combination with the column structure makes it easy to get up close to the patient without being struck by or caught on protruding chair legs.

When upright, the calf support moves right in so that it is not in the way when the patient goes to sit down. The patient knobs also facilitate getting into and out of this chair.

The chair is supplied complete, as pictured. The armrest ball function is available as an optional extra.

Sampling chair 710


Revolvable 360°
Electric brake
Electric adjustable height
Electric adjustable back
Shock position
Adjustable contoured armrests
Patient knobs
Adjustable calf support
Stable and smooth base
Adjustable headrest
Wide range of upholstery colours


Patient weights 200 kg
Width without armrests 630 mm
Width with armrests (ca) 840 mm
Length precipitated 1650 mm
Seat width 510 mm
Sitting height 475 - 675 mm
Weight 78 kg




Dark Camel

Light grey



Baby Blue




Dark Green




You can order free color samples

Optional Extra

Ball function for any armrest 2-420