Refrigerated vaccine and medication cabinet VXT-400, glass door, 400 litres

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Art No: 1-400G/401G.

Our proprietary, energy-efficient, reliable refrigerated medication cabinets are fully suited to stringent demands in terms of function and temperature reliability for medical care, school healthcare and social care. The MX and VXT series are based on the same robust platform but come equipped with two different control units for optimum temperature control on the basis of a +5.0 °C setpoint. The VXT series offers temperature alarms and min/max display for manual reading, while as well as offering alarm functions the MX series compiles both anomalies and temperature history, storing the information directly in the unit. The temperature accuracy is ±0.6 °C and automatic defrosting is fitted as standard. Our refrigerated medication cabinets are available in volumes of 45-400 litres. They all come equipped with locks (not glass doors), stainless steel inner shells and chrome steel shelves with real plexiglass inserts. Electric locks are available as an optional extra for a completely key-free solution.

Maximum volume with min/max control

Our largest cabinet in the VXT series, 400 litres (depth 595 mm), here with a glass door. Also available with a compact door. Equipped with the XT control unit which constantly records min/max temperature. The information is read directly from the display, and it can also be compiled manually if so required. The unit issues an alert in the case of temperature anomalies outside the +2 to +8-degree range.

Art no
1-400, one door, right
1-401, one door left
1-400G, glass door, right
1-401G, glass door, left

Optional extras for this product is available here. Here.

Long service life
Energy efficiency
Alarm function
Explosion proof
Temperature reliability
Low noise, no fans
Stainless steel interior
The hinges are placed on right- or left side

Volume 400 liter Temperature area 2°-8°C
Temperature accuracy ±0,6°C Control units XT
Country of manufacture SE Height 2100 mm
Width 595 mm Depth 590 mm
Weight 108 kg Compressor Danfoss
Refrigerants R134a Insulation EPS
Automatic defrosting Standard The hinges are placed on Right/left side
Interior materials Stainless steel Exterior materials White sheet metal
Cabinet shelves, wire & plexiglass 7 st Lock -
Handle Optional Noise level 36 db
Electricity consumption (KWh/24 timmar) 1,35 Volt, V/Hz 230/50
Rated current 1,35A Climate classification 6
Keeps the temperature between 5°-10°C >30 min Compressor time 50%

1-701 Safety cabinet, fits refrigerated cabinets from 180 litres Safety cabinet, fits refrigerated cabinets from 180 litres
1-702 Electric lock, fits refrigerated cabinets from 70 litres Electric lock, fits refrigerated cabinets from 70 litres
1-703 Shelf edge label inc. 3 clips Shelf edge label inc. 3 clips
1-704 External alarm cable External alarm cable
1-700 Lid for refrigerated pharmacy cabinet (not glass door) Lid for refrigerated pharmacy cabinet (not glass door)

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