Emergency patient trolley 445

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Art No: 6-445

Our emergency patient trolleys are designed and equipped to withstand the harshest environments at hospital emergency departments and for safe patient transport between departments. These trolleys are robust, safe and easy to manoeuvre – all key factors.

The right functions in critical situations

A range of smart functions allow for safe handling in critical situations. The three-part patient platform can be adjusted rapidly to sitting, lying or cardiac position, and it can be moved into the shock position from both the head end and the foot end. The height is adjusted straight up and down, with no longitudinal displacement. Just like the other functions, the drip stand is permanently mounted on the trolley so that you always have it close to hand. The bumper wheels absorb shocks if you happen to collide with walls in narrow passageways.

The push handles are positioned in the direction of travel and are always in the same position no matter what the position of the patient platform. This facilitates intervention from the head end during cardiac massage, for example. The rails can be extended easily and operate as handles when the patient is sitting down. Two baskets for the patient’s belongings are also included with the well-equipped basic version.

The mattress comes equipped with four handles on either side so that the patient can be moved quickly from the trolley to an X-ray table, for example. This trolley is antistatic and another rail alternative is optionally available, along with a foldable footboard, writing tablet, monitor table, food tray, rating plate, oxygen cylinder and pillow.

Optional extras for this product is available here. Here.

Height adjustable, hydraulic
Centrally locked castors
Shock position
Cardiac position
Foldable rails
Drip stand
Storage baskets
Stable in all positions

Patient weights 200 kg Lenght 2100 mm
Lying area, length 2000 mm Width incl. raised rails 687 mm
Lying area, widht 620 mm Height exkl. madrass 560 - 890 mm
Mattress, widht 620 mm Mattress, lenght 2010 mm
Mattress, thickness 70 mm

6-448 Monitor table Monitor table
6-449 Hold of the gas equipment Hold of the gas equipment
6-467 Food tray Food tray
6-468 Footboard foldable Footboard foldable
6-469 Push handle S/U special Push handle S/U special
6-440 Mattress special Mattress special
6-441 Pillow special Pillow special
6-447 Pillow for emergency patient trolley Pillow for emergency patient trolley
6-470 Bracket for food tray Bracket for food tray
6-471 Writing tablet for emergency patient trolley Writing tablet for emergency patient trolley
6-472 Rating plate Rating plate
6-465 Rails special for emergency trolley Rails special for emergency trolley

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