Our experience allows us to offer complete solutions that help to bring about high-quality school health care. It also allows us to provide social care services with conditions that allow them to look after our elderly people in a dignified and professional manner.

School healthcare services have a key part to play, not least when it comes to preventive health initiatives. But at the same time nurses are often responsible for several different schools, with lots of children and young people to look after. In this situation, reliable, user-friendly equipment is particularly important. We supply everything from height measures to our proprietary refrigerated cabinets, trolleys and examination stretchers. We also offer a carefully selected range of diagnostic products in partnership with leading manufacturers. It goes without saying that we are happy to act as a sounding board and devise complete solutions on the basis of the requirements of your school clinics. This is true for social care as well, where our broad selection of examination furniture makes it possible to look after our elderly people safely and ergonomically.

The design and all functions are customised to suit specific needs

Reliable medication temperature

Vaccinations are an important and recurring issue when it comes to school health care and social care, and handling of medications is a major element in everyday routines. Refrigerated medication cabinets from Oscar Medtec are developed to meet these stringent demands by a decent margin. The control unit regulates the temperature with precision. Storing historical data makes it easy to check that a vaccine that has been stored for a period of time has always been kept at the right temperature, for example. At school clinics, which are often understaffed for varying periods of time, this guarantees that student vaccinations will actually have the intended effect.

Refrigerated medication cabinets

Refrigerated pharmacy cabinets

Sampling chairs