We are trusted by Sweden’s many leading pharmacy chains thanks to our reliable, energy-efficient refrigerated pharmacy cabinets, in combination with a specially devised calibration service.

People must feel completely secure when they go to their pharmacy and collect their medications. Refrigerated cabinets in a pharmacy environment make specific demands of solutions in terms of both dimensions and various functions. Reliable temperature control is the key factor for both your pharmacy and your customers. With a proprietary refrigerated medication cabinet from Oscar Medtec, you know that all your stringent demands will be met. You can maintain full control over the temperature 24 hours a day thanks to our control units.

All our refrigerated pharmacy cabinets come equipped with stainless steel inner shells and chrome steel shelves with real plexiglass inserts. The shelves fit plastic pharmacy boxes divided into compartments, and regardless of whether you prefer a glass door or a compact door your cabinet will be strong enough to withstand intensive everyday use with no problems.

Modern pharmacy chains obviously demand quality, with fast and flexible services

Extra security thanks to calibration service

When buying our refrigerated cabinets, we offer a calibration service specifically designed to meet the needs of pharmacies. It goes without saying that our refrigerated cabinets are calibrated when we supply them, but we recommend that this calibration should be followed up at regular intervals. With this service, specially trained service personnel turn up at your pharmacy and calibrate your cabinets while also carrying out a general review of cabinet resources and status.

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