Our driving force has always been to design and develop ergonomic products that make life safer, more secure and more efficient for staff and patients alike. We now provide quality to entire health centres and hospital wards.

Our development into a complete supplier of everything from trolleys and customised stretchers to advanced examination furniture and refrigerated medication cabinets has been an innovative journey – and a journey that is still ongoing. We are inspired by all of you who need our products every day and see how individual details can help to enhance your work environments and encounters with patients. This type of input has led to the development of our specially designed ENT treatment chairs, for example, and the internationally renowned, gender-neutral “Kim” examination chair, which comes with both a heated seat and flexible leg supports, making both gynaecological and urological examinations considerably more pleasant for patients. And this was exactly the objective that Greta Edelstam, Associate Professor at Danderyd Hospital, was aiming for. Gaining the trust of Greta Edelstam and other innovators strengthens our belief that quality is the result of cooperation involving many different experts.

Our aim is to make our products as strong as possible. And then we double that.

Refrigerated medication cabinets offering maximum reliability

The history of our proprietary refrigerated medication cabinets is similar, and we have been a market leader in this field in Scandinavia for over 50 years. Really working on the basis of needs brings a whole new dimension to the end results, compared with the more standardised products available on the market. It goes without saying that our refrigerated medication cabinets include precise temperature control and control units that produce continuous temperature history. This reliability is quite literally vital when it comes to handling vaccines, medications and samples to be sent to laboratories. Quite simply, there is no scope for compromising on safety.

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