About us.


Own development, design and manufacture of ergonomic solutions.

We are Sweden’s leading supplier of examination furniture and refrigerated medication cabinets for medical care, pharmacies and laboratories – probably because ever since the company started in 1967, we have contributed our expert knowledge in all regards and always aim to develop new solutions which are the very best possible. Everything we do is based on quality, ergonomics and user-friendliness. Moreover, we offer service and support that make working with us simple and secure.


New Name: Oscar Medtec

We changed our name in 2016. Oscar Instrument has become Oscar Medtec, simply because Medtec describes more accurately what we do – and have always done. The company is still in the safe hands of its owners, the Ericson family, and our ambition is to go on developing, designing and manufacturing medical equipment suitable for people working in healthcare. The company’s advisory role underwent further development in connection with the change of name. We are more than happy to get involved and help turn thoughts and ideas into smart equipment. We like to share our experience and knowledge, and you can always ask Oscar.


We are driven to develop the absolute best possible solutions

Cooperation leads to development. Every time.

We are constantly deriving new inspiration and knowledge from working and chatting to all of you out there. After all, you are the people who really see how tiny details can make a big difference. Our experience, creativity and ability to perceive solutions also allow us to make sure that your improvements are implemented in reality. We love partnerships like this. The internationally renowned, gender-neutral “Kim” examination chair is just one of several examples. In this case, Associate Professor and innovator Greta Edelstam at Danderyd Hospital came up with an idea for a flexible chair that could be used for both gynaecological and urological examinations. A heated seat and flexible leg supports also help to provide a considerably more pleasant experience for patients.

Generations of experience

Oscar Medtec was founded by brothers Håkan and Bertil Ericson in 1967. The company is today owned by the Swedish industrial group Indutrade. Manufactoring, storage and development are located in new premises in Kungälv, just north of Gothenburg.


The basic foundations are the same as when Håkan and Bertil started the company all those years ago: high quality, healthy finances, constant innovations and close relationships with customers. Oscar Medtec has had a creditworthiness rating of AAA for 10 consecutive years and was named one of Sweden’s gazelle companies by Dagens Industri in 2009. Organic growth and stable finances are important factors for this award. 



An award that provides inspiration

In 2014, we won the Göteborgs Companipris award presented by Näringslivsgruppen. This award is presented every year to successful and innovative companies in the Gothenburg region. The criteria for consideration are based on factors creating outstanding enterprise. Creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, cooperation, sustainability and healthy finances are just some of the assessment criteria applied. For all of us at Oscar Medtec, this award inspired us to continue to safeguard our basic values.






Strong design. Times two.

We usually say that healthcare requires us to build products that are as strong as possible. And then we double that. As we develop and assemble everything ourselves, we have full control over the entire process and can think along the lines of strong design and function, basing our work entirely on customers’ needs. As far as we are concerned, flexible workmanship makes life secure, straightforward and safe for health care and pharmacy staff, as well as for patients and end consumers. It goes without saying that an examination chair where the design has been really well thought out helps to facilitate encounters with patients; just as a refrigerated medication cabinet made from good materials and with precise temperature control guarantees that medications and vaccines will maintain their 100% quality all the way along the line.


Sustainability for the environment too

Sustainable development – part of our quality commitment. Oscar Medtec holds environmental accreditation by Svensk Miljöbas, and our aim is always to stay one step ahead of the legislation. We eliminated freon-blown insulation from our refrigerated cabinets several years before such installation was banned back in the 1970s, and since the early 1990s we have been supplying completely freon-free refrigerated cabinets to Sweden’s medical care services. We use local and regional subcontractors as far as possible in order to reduce transport emissions, while also making stringent environmental demands of their manufacturing processes. .


Environmental Policy

Oscar Medtec AB is Sweden’s leading supplier of examination furniture and specialised cabinets for healthcare, pharmacies and laboratories.


Achieving our objective of always working actively to reduce our environmental impact is based on this environmental policy.


We will achieve this through the following:

Our current and future activities and processes are to conform to environmental standards and legislation. We strive to develop and supply products that have a limited negative impact on the environment and that are safe to use. It must be possible to recycle, reuse and decommission our products safely. We will take part in an open dialogue with our employees and suppliers regarding our continuously developing environmental activities.


Social and ethical responsibility

Oscar Medtec should always be seen as a trustworthy company that has a great deal of sensitivity and experience. Our goal is to always have long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.


- Our business operations must always be lawful.

- We will always comply with national legislation and agreements regarding social protection.

- We distance ourselves from child labour and forced labour.

- All of our employees are to have the same opportunities irrespective of age, skin colour, sex, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic background.

- We do not accept harassment or discrimination.

- We offer a safe and legal working environment and will always conduct systematic improvement work.

- Our products will always comply with statutory requirements.

- We will actively choose suppliers that share our values and that comply with the legislation in their countries, including legislation related to child labour and human rights.

Quality is our signature

Always aiming for quality involves all functions and all staff. Our proprietary products are signed off by the employee who added the finishing touches in the manufacturing process. As regards our diagnostic range and other products from external suppliers, these are always carefully selected to ensure that they meet the stringent demands of Oscar Medtec and our customers. It goes without saying that we comply with standards and regulations and that all our products are CE-labelled and meet product safety requirements in accordance with the following EU directives and Swedish law:

• CE-labelling in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC)
• CE-labelling in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (2006/28/EC).

The Swedish Medical Products Agency is a Swedish supervisory authority as regards regulations and laws in respect of medical devices. More information can be found on their website.